Happy Holidays from CigarCraig!

All of us at CigarCraig.com would like to wish you a safe and Happy Holidays!

It’s been cold and snowy here in Pennsylvania recently, but I managed to smoke a Camacho Triple Maduro on Friday before my company Holiday dinner.  It was as delicious as I anticipated it would be.  Very full bodied with great coffee and cocoa flavors.  I nubbed this robusto.  This was the “C” cigar from the “Black Band Project” which I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Keep checking back as I am hoping to continue my series of “Cigar-ventures” next week.  Don’t forget  about the upcoming give-away sometime in January!

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore:  Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good cigar!




  1. Merry Christmas, Craig! Have you managed to acquire any of the special “Christmas” cigars out there? My local B&M was loaded up with Opus X and this year’s Anjejos. I picked up a couple of “Sharks,” which I am planning to smoke over the next couple of days.

    1. Holt’s had some Anejos and an Opus called a “Queen Bee”. I didn’t really look too much harder than that. I did check the LGC Hermosas for mold…er, plume, yea, it’s plume…there was none.

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