Month: August 2009

Sunday August 30, 2009

Well….I didn’t get to smoke the cigars I planned to yesterday, I wanted the situation to be ideal, and it wasn’t.  That’s not to say the situation was bad,  just not conducive to enjoying the particular cigar I planned on.


I did enjoy a La Vieja Habana Chateau Corona Corojo on my walk to get lottery tickets last night.  Not  bad  for a mixed filler cigar.

I took a ride today and stopped at JM’s Cigars in Marchwood  and picked up a few more, as well as a couple other low end goodies.

Tonight I smoked the Cain 6″ x 50.  I was told my my local tobacconist that I should eat, sit down, and have a trashcan ready to put all my Havanas in, it’s that good.  Well, I don’t know about the last part, but it was a strong cigar, owing to the fact that it is billed as “straight ligero”  I was quite surprised that it burned really well, as ligero dosn’t usually burn all that well.  It was loaded with spice, mellowed out a little in the middle and finished up spicey again.  I usually hang on to cigars for a while before smoking them, and it ws very good for such a young cigar.  I would encourage anyone who likes a strong cigar to try the new Cain.  I paid $6.60 for this which, compared with a lot of cigars on the market, isn’t terrible.

cain_083009I took a picture, but unfortunately it’s blurry…

Well, this concludes my first bloging attempt.

Until next time,



Thank You!


What a surprise for my birthday! Many thanks to Jenn for making this happen!

Now the challenge…to create some content that people will actually find interesting.  Everyone has cigar reviews, and I’m not particularly adept at doing in-depth reviews, I know what I like and don’t like.  Neither am I a particularly good writer!  I’ll try to entertain a little, and provide some cigar information, and share a part of my life.  Watch this space, I have a cigar or two on deck for today, including the new “Cain” cigar from the house of Oliva/Nub.  Thanks again!